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Parish Life Liturgy - Ushers
Usher at Mass

A person's willingness to serve God in the capacity as an usher reflects their commitment to Christ. The willingness to commit to a monthly schedule; to arrive on time and to be a friendly and welcoming presence to those coming to worship here at St. Philip Catholic Church is a further reflection of their commitment to serve this Parish. By assuring a welcoming presence and orderly seating at all Masses offered in this Parish, they enhance the beauty of the Liturgy and become an instrument through whom God may be present to those in worship.

The usher serves not only as a Minister of Hospitality, but also as a Liturgical Minister and a Minister of Evangelism.
  • Ushers as Ministers of Hospitality ~ Ushers are usually the first official representative of the church that people meet when they arrive. The ushers' dress, attitude, words, demeanor, body language all speak a message to the worshipper. As God's servants to his people, ushers should take care that nothing interferes with the awesome character of this encounter between God and his people at this time and place.
  • Ushers as Liturgical Ministers ~ Ushers are leaders. As such they reflect the devotion, reverence and joy of encountering God in our worship service. They must be mindful that they are there to assist those who are preparing to worship God by creating a quiet and reverent atmosphere within the church.
  • Ushers as Ministers of Evangelism ~ There are some who may be wary of coming to a church and it would take very little to make this visit their last. If they feel genuinely welcomed and helped by the usher, the usher has assisted in bringing the Gospel to these people.
Each of us are called to be Christ to others. What better place to share God’s love with others than in our Parish. A smile, a kind word or a warm welcome are what usher’s share with all who enter our Church. If you would like to be part of this wonderful ministry, contact Margie Lanko, Ministry Coordinator, at (269) 965-7037 by email.

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